Follow the rhythm with the space bar when the yellow dots go over the highlighted area.

Code, design, art & music made in a weekend for LudumDare 46.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Known Issue: depending on the browser it may get some unsync issues


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21883 with harder to press spacebar

uh... i see people getting a B with 1000 points and i got way over... glitch? but amazing game i love it!

4049 score

got a b!

cool game

yay rank A,

good game :D

rank; b. gg ez


good rhythm game with a simple control, my favorite is when i press spacebar too much in the yellow dots line makes the main protagonist BIG, like really BIG.


Nice game. I like the little story and it also looks and plays great. Polished game!


Nice game Diego <3