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I think there's something wrong with my game...

super sussy bro

this is cute


... how do people like this game


its fun! cute lil rhythm game. don't be mean, the dev prob worked rlly hard on it !!

if they worked "rlly hard" on it than why did they only give them self a week end. the art looks like its a 1990s game made by a 9 year old and they music is just annoying, how is this esthetically pleasing to you?

art is subjective! its not the prettiest game and no one is claiming it is. I like the music, and even if you don't enjoy the game that is no reason to be so rude. next time, instead of calling it annoying, or saying it looks like a kid made it, give constructive criticism!

score 2854

only 35129. Spacebar repeat screwed me over during picnic and the end of netflux

(1 edit)

21883 with harder to press spacebar

uh... i see people getting a B with 1000 points and i got way over... glitch? but amazing game i love it!

4049 score

got a b!

cool game

yay rank A,

good game :D

rank; b. gg ez


good rhythm game with a simple control, my favorite is when i press spacebar too much in the yellow dots line makes the main protagonist BIG, like really BIG.


Nice game. I like the little story and it also looks and plays great. Polished game!


Nice game Diego <3