Diego C. Torguet

Pick up and drop off your accursed passengers as you ferry them to their final destination.
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Quick and small showcase of jams in which I participated.
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Challenging multiplier game in which you attend monsters with health and beauty treatments.
Dale un buen abrazo a tu querido Abril.
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Collect h6 for your bomb while you evade enemies.
Game adaptation of a Randall Munroe's webcomic for xkcd.
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Help this sad lemon having a better day. :)
'N/S/E/W' game for Talentum Jam
Decompose trash and save the planet!
Alone by yourself, you find a lost spaceship with some crew which needs your help. Should you help?
Goodbye is an experimental narrative-driven first person game.
You must escape from the planet in your flying pyramid before it's too late!
Procedural solar system generator with tools to create life.